Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Exercising or Exorcising?

I am not sure I should write this, yet alone post it! Not that I am suspicious or anything really!

After nearly two weeks I think my faux injury has gone! I mentioned it in the past, it’s been in my left quad, intermittent pain; literally one or two big Big BIG throbs (that’s three but you get my point) and then it would stop, it throbed when I was running, walking or even standing still! No swelling, no bruising and no identified cause. When I poked it didn’t hurt, I elevated it, rubbed in Flex Power, did Yoga, foam rolled it, iced it, even electrocuted it with my new Compex muscle stimulator and the thing that probably did it the best…time and rest!

So the last two weeks training have been a bit of a bust, two weeks ago I peaked at about 48 miles running and 45 miles on the bike; last week was 9 miles, lot’s of yoga and a solid 40 mile bike ride, this week I dialed it back even more to really shake it off and spent my morning running time at work arriving at 6 or 7:00am. Fingers crossed it seems to have worked…I am shooting for a long run this weekend, so we’ll see. I have two weeks to Long Beach Marathon and one 20 miler under my belt…well 10% undertrained is better than 2% over right does that work for 25% undertrained?

Coincidently it’s this time last year I wrecked my left quad at 100 in the Hood…maybe I should be exercising and exorcising my demons!