Tuesday, September 21, 2010


They won’t make you look younger or remove your crow’s feet, they won’t make you glow or radiate, they will however, stop you from burning, chaffing, spiking or aching! Here are four things that I liberally and frequently smear over various body parts!


Mission Sun Cream – designed by athletes for athletes, doesn’t make you smell you have just been delivered by 1800 Flowers, doesn’t sting like a mutha, when it runs into your eyes, goes on evenly so you don’t look like a pink and white Twizzler and a company that gives money to charities, isn't too expensive and really, really works! About $8 a tube.

Buh-Bump – if, like me, you’re obsessed with Heart Rate data this is essential, just like you need a good connection to get a good picture when you’re doing an ultra sound you need a good connection when you strap on that heart rate strap. This gets it right about 90% of the time and you won’t have to look like a nutcase licking your strap before you put it on! Cheap, fragrance free and it washes straight out of your shirt no problem! About $7 a tube.

Flex Power – yeah we’ve all got those aches and pains and we all wish we could leap out bed and hit the roads with an 8 minute mile…well now you can at least get rid of the pain and get some blood flowing at the same time. Rub this on and feel your muscles slowly warm up and those aches ease off. Not oily or greasy it has a pleasant nasal clearing smell but it doesn’t take the top of you head off like Tiger Balm etc. About $15 for a big tube.

Body Glide – what’s to say that’s not been said! Any athletes essential, got two bits of your body that rub together rub some Body Glide in between and you’re good to go, zero chaffing, zero smell and zero left on your clothes. Also good around the collar of your wetsuit, when trying to get a stuck wedding ring off or for sliding out your kids head from between the railings! Kids will be kids right!! About $7 a tube.

I have added links to these in the Amazon widget in the right hand border and if you buy through that I get about 12c back towards my new bike fund! Thanks in advance!

BTW these all make excellent stocking fillers; there’s only 94 shopping days to Christmas!

So there you go, four things I have in my running bag…what’s in yours?

PS only three more days to sign up for the Mix1 contest!