Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mechanical Failure!

P1000208 I was supposed to have a long run today but I put that on the back burner, my left quad was sore; more on that later. So I hopped on my bike and headed out, I had 3 hours and no sense of direction except following my nose.

I headed around a well worn loop and then decided to venture further afield looking for some pleasant scenery and trying to reduce some traffic. I had a nice warm up through the rolling part of the ride around mile 16 started to first climb. I dropped down at the front promptly throwing my chain off…ugh! I put it back on but it wouldn’t sit on the ring and kept dropping off, so I finally got it back onto the big ring and there I stayed for the next 29 miles! Through the ups and the down, joyfully listening to my chain being crossed. I arrived home and found myself liberally covered in grease, fingers to gloves to nose; transference is a wonderful thing!

CaptureIt looks like my crankset is somehow bent? Maybe something happened in the garage that I don’t know about? It’s pretty busy in there with the kids bikes the washer/dryer and all the usual junk you find in a garage. Anyway it looks like it needs a good service anyways so off to my LBS I’ll be going…that being said I am on the verge of a new bike.

I had promised myself a new one a few years ago and never got round to it so maybe this is a sign? It's most likely a sign I don't need a triple but something more than a 7-speed would be nice!