Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The ups and downs

I picked up my hillwork this week, with no running for a couple of weeks I was interested to see what the impact was, in the end there was a four minute difference compare to the beginning of the month, which could be attributed to heat, Tuesday was 20 degrees cooler than Monday and was still 91f!

A warm up, three sets and a cool down and I was done in an hour…my target is to be able to crank 10 of these out, so the plan is to add one a week. It’s 52 days to PCTR Pt Mugu which is basically 5 hills; 5km up and 5km down 5 times!

Hills2 Tuesday’s fun

My quad is not liking the downs much so I am babying it when I can, my pace is for shit but I am moving forward and that’s what counts right!