Friday, September 3, 2010

I hate David McQuillen!

It’s nothing personal really but he is the producer of the Sufferfest cycle training videos. This week I was a little short on time (this week only right!!!) so Thursday night was when I managed to turn to my Cross Training, it was late and so a quick spin on the trainer seemed the right thing to do. Revolver is a sprint video, after a warm up you get a series of one minute 10:10 effort sprints followed by a one minute 3:10 effort rest, along the way you’re treated to some great footage from officially licensed UCI track racing (Track World Cup in Manchester), cyclocross (World Cup in Hoogerheide and Koksijde) and road racing (Road World Championships in Mendrisio, Switzerland) then a 4 minute warm-down featuring the final Ks of the Col du Soler descent. What’s not to like…well you be the judge!

image Available for the wallet busting price of $9.99 you to can can you ass kicked from here to kingdom come in the space of 45 minutes…don’t believe me here’s the trailer.