Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A screw loose…well two actually!

Remember this post from last week…a slight mechanical failure. Well I dropped my bike of at the LMS (local maintenance shop; they don’t sell them just fix them) and explained the problem;

Won’t shift properly, throws the chain at the front, won’t freewheel backwards,maybe been knocked over by the kids?”

The mech puts it in stand and tinkers a bit…“rear derailleur looks ok and chain is dirty but ok…we’ll double check everything though”, then he goes to to take it down and says “oh this could be it” and shows me the crankset…

image The highlighted bolts that are missing…not in this photo

Three bolts missing and the remaining two loose! Hmm now I am no grease monkey but I think that could have something to do with it! Anyway I will pick it up at the weekend, it’s really put me in a frame of mind to get the new one purchased, there are a couple in the running…any cyclists out there (Robyn, Groover and Zanne I am looking at you) input needed, not for racing but comfortable long rides.

Cannondale Synapse 3 2010 Biycling Plush winner

BMC Road Racer SL01 on price alone this is a steal

Specialized Roubaix comes with the name and the price tag!

Cervelo RS serious drool but so expensive!

Biachi Infinito dripping in history from the world’s oldest bike makers!

The list is ever growing but these usually are in the Top 5