Wednesday, December 14, 2011

13.1 LA Giveaway!

The good folks at the 13.1 Series have given me a race entry to give away! I have run this race the two previous years, this is only the third year, and have nothing but good things to say, you can read prior years reports here; 2011 and 2010.

This year there is a change of route and the race will now stay on the coast and in addition to running along the Venice boardwalk the course will take runners down to Marina del Rey, the largest Marina in the world!


So how do you win and free entry will it’s pretty simple really;

  1. Follow my blog (of course you are already following me right?), that gets you your first entry
  2. Like the 13.1 series on Facebook, is your second.
  3. Follow me and 13.1 on Twitter and Tweet the following statement for your third - I just entered the @Quadrathon contest to win a free entry into @131Marathon Los Angeles in Jan 2012, you can to at #131LA
  4. Comment on this post telling me what you have done gets you fourth
  5. Easy right!

Winner will be drawn Sunday…watcha waiting for!!


  1. Oh Man, I so so want to have the giveaway, BUT its January 2012. in January my goal is to run 5 miles. that stupid hip surgery....
    Well, I still loves your blog!

  2. i liked liked liked it on FB + another :)

  3. I dont know if I really understand what entry #4 is all about but what Ive done? Um, I became a MM this year and I did infact run the 13.1 in LA in Jan this year? and would love to run it again for Free! Hooray!

  4. love the new blog design and the drawing up top is rad. i've done all 4. thanks!

  5. I'd love to... But can't! :( Similar to miss zippy my goal is just to run a mile period in January, lol.

  6. Nice new layout!
    1. Of course, I'm a follower
    2. I am now following 13.1 on twitter. Already following you on tiwtter.
    3. Contest tweeted this morning!



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