Saturday, December 24, 2011

‘tis the season…

…of sales, sales, sales.

So it occurred to me in a moment of something that I should perhaps try my wetsuit on, that seems of course the perfectly practical thing to do on a Christmas Eve after a 30+ bike ride right! My point being that if it did not fit now would be an opportune time to get one that did; i.e. in a sale!

So from under the bed I pulled it out and unpacked it. It is an Aquasphere Racer suit which by all accounts is a pretty good one, it was designed with Faris al Sultan who won the Ironman World Championships in 2005. I never choose it I was fortunate enough to win this earlier this year in a competition on Daily Mile sponsored by Ford Training Team in conjunction with Ironman, which is why you see all the MDots on it. Much as I would love to sit and describe the smell of fresh rubber and neoprene I figured a photog edition would be best…and so on with the show:

photo (69)

It comes in it’s own case

photo (71)

And is all wrapped up…well it is Christmas

photo (72)


photo (73)

One foot in…someone in the know told me about using bags!

photo (74)

Two feet in…and with some wriggling…

photo (75)

Note aforementioned mentioned box!

photo (76)

Stupid look is compulsory!

photo (77)

So I adopted one…if I can’t outswim maybe I can make them laugh!

photo (78)

Have a nice day…

My initial thoughts are that it is snug, which I hear is a good thing, there is no room for the forecasted Christmas pounds. It’s also flexible, I windmilled my arms around a bit and that seemed fine. It’s a little tight from groin to shoulder but that is probably just because it is new and I have nothing to compare it to. I did notice it was hot, I put on tri shorts and vest under and with all the wriggling I was getting pretty warm!

So with all that done I need to go and find some open water or at least an outdoor pool to try it some more!

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