Thursday, December 1, 2011

Review; The Sufferfest; Hell Hath no Fury!

Like a woman scorned right! So put her on a carbon bike and tell her to go!


From the warped mind that brought Angels, Downward Spiral and A Very Dark Place comes their latest, greatest pain inducing video; Hell Hath no Fury!

Featuring an all women cast including riders from HTC, Garmin-Cervelo Rabobank and many National Teams there is never a dull moment, these ladies lay it down thick and fast!

A classic 2 x 20 workout the ride breaks down like this:

  • 3:30 Warm-up
  • 5:30 Stage 1: Easy, flat terrain at effort level of 6/10 with a few accelerations
  • 20:00 Stage 2: Rolling terrain with a series of attacks as the pack tries to take the lead from you
  • 6:00 Recovery
  • 20:00 Stage 3: More rolling, attacking racing in which you try to break away to get the lead back
  • 4:00 Recovery
  • 3:30 Stage 4: Team Time Trial in which you have to crush yourself in order to take the lead
  • 6:00 Recovery, featuring Mental Training Reflection

Nice aye…dare you come and play!

This rates as an 8/10 on the Sufferlandian scale of pain…something akin to having shutting your tongue in a door and walking backwards really fast while somebody strums the open bars of the House of the Rising Sun on it!

The 2 x 20 minutes do not fly by, they are not easy and there is no comfort. You are presented with riders who must weigh all of 100lbs soaking wet, who grit their teeth and ride breakaways like they are being chased by a pack of rabid zombies on Japanese crotch rockets, stand and climb hills so it looks like their legs are grape crushing in fast forward and descend like a gravity has been doubled!

It looks like this on the flipside!

HHNF In other news, the Minister of Scorn has developed a sense of humor and there is an enjoyable storyline to this video, assuming you can see between the tears. They have also increased their budget as the footage quality and editing skills have also improved...either that or they have gotten a bigger stick to hit the crew with!

Available for the wallet busting price of $11.99 you can pick this up now here, (affiliate link) or otherwise go mad (‘cos you would have to be not to) and pick up a full set of ‘fests for the killer price of $84.99 saving nearly $20 in the process

This product was purchased (yeah sick I know). If you have a product you’d like reviewed, contact me at

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