Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Review; Zhip smartphone stand

At this time of the year it’s a pretty common thing to find people confined to the treadmill either in their home or the gym. If you are like me the treadmills at the gym seem to have a revolving menu of Judge Judy, Home and Gardens TV and a really grainy image of something Korean! In the past I have run (no pun intended) the risk of using my iPhone to watch a movie and thanks to my OtterBox it has suffered no damage despite taking a couple of good falls from the treadmill and one from the top of a stairclimber…now this is not a review of OtterBox but it is a review of the Zhip


You have probably seen holders/kickstands for your iPhone (or other smart phone) but the Zhip takes it one step further and essentially secures it to your treadmill etc. The integration of the retractable and lockable cord allows you to “hang” from something and will not let it fall to the ground. Oh and you can take pretty weird pictures when you use a mirror!

photo (5) As mentioned the Zhip will fit a smart phones, it expands with two internal springs and will accommodate anything up to 3” wide. The retractable cord is a meter long and as mentioned locks to avoid any “bounce” leaving you focus on the important thing; your workout. Once finished it folds down and is not much bigger than a Zippo lighter…of course as an athlete you will know exactly how big that is right!

And beyond that there is nothing much more to say…like all good products, it works! Here is their video…

Available like just about everything through Amazon the Zhip will set you back $15.00 and makes an excellent last minute stocking stuffer!

This product was provided by Zhip. If you have a product you’d like reviewed, contact me at quadrathon@gmail.com.

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