Tuesday, March 4, 2014

BFFs (dog edition)

Last November Becca and I brought Cali home, she is a (we think) either cross Blue Tick Coon hound or an English American Coon hound…either way she won our hearts and is an awesome trail runner! Currently she has no problems running for 90 minutes. The problem is she is still a puppy and she loves company and goofing around with other dogs…can you see where this is going?!

So meet Sprocket;

image image

He is a 2 y/o Beagle…which was ironically what we went to look at when we got Cali!image

Happiness is a bathmat!

You can follow them on Instagram, mynameisSprocket and aDogNamedCali although expect them to pop up in mine and Tribecca’s feed…they both keep going over their data plans looking at YouTube cat videos!

Happy dogs!

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