Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bump, bump, bump…motivation!

My weight naturally bumps along between 175-180lb, as mentioned in an earlier post I am aiming to get it down to sub 170lb for the L’Etape du California. As everyone knows the last 10lbs are always the hardest, the last time I was sub 170 was November 2012. The problem is while I have plenty of discipline to workout but my kitchen discipline is somewhat lacking…so here is my motivation!

If I am less that 170lb, that means the scale has to start with a 16x.xx I will treat my self to a new Kit for the Tour! Here’s my starting point from today…

image image 9-25-2013 4-25-37 PM

Sounds fair to me! What motivates you?

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  1. This weather in Memphis has made it tough for me to find motivation to run. It also seems that the more I focus on my weight, the harder it is for me to lose some weight! Good luck, I know you'll hit your goal!


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