Friday, March 21, 2014

Faux Pas and Faux Rest!

This has been a long week (and it’s not quite over yet)! You know one of those weeks where everything drags and Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday seem to be on a loop and the weekend gets further away the closer it gets! My workouts have been a bit meh too, I am not sure if that’s a result of a disappointing FTP Test on Tuesday. With hindsight I probably overcooked it last week, ramping my mileage up by 40% in a week may have been the culprit…my faux pas. I have been heavy legged most of the week so far and I am only three workouts in.

imageMost of my weekday training is completed in the early mornings, I am sure it’s nothing that anyone reading this has not has to do. As you know it takes a bit of planning; making the next day’s kid’s lunches, setting the timer on the coffee machine, even pre-mixing pancake mix are all done the night before. Of course this is in addition to the layout of the kit the night. But even with all these tricks some days are just a fail. Case in point yesterday! Alarm set for 4:40am, even with the best will in the world I wouldn’t be on the bike till 5:15 and with 90 minutes on tap that gets me off the bike at 6:45! This is just enough time to cook up the pancakes for the hungry hordes, get a scrape, shower and shampoo done and get the day rolling for me!

To try and overcome this I employed my fake (faux) rest day deferring a morning workout by a little over 12 hours to the evening giving me a good 36 hours in between, only 8 hours shy of a full rest day!

It seems to have worked as I managed to PR for 60 Minutes of Power on last night’s ride and was only 3 Watts shy of hitting the 90 Minute PR too. If you remember I zero’d all my PRs when I switched to my Stages Power Meter in January. This is reassuring as last night was all work for sure!

imageNow today should actually be a real rest day but with a all-day Track meeting tomorrow, literally all-day (8:00am-4pm), I am riding tomorrow’s ride tonight so I don’t have to sit on the Trainer at 6pm on a Saturday night for 90 minutes…although it wouldn’t be the first time!

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