Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The squeaky wheel!

In case you hadn’t noticed I have been spending a fair bit of time on my Kurt Kinetic trainer! Recently I have noticed that the back wheel had developed a nasty squeak or squeal, it’s generated by the tire slipping on the metal roller and is exacerbated by not spending any real time on the road so my tire is getting smoother and smoother. It’s becoming more annoying recently so rather than ignore it anymore it was time to fix it.

I looked at the roller and as usual there is a thin line of rubber that had had adhered to the roller, I cleaned this off with Goo Gone and then I moved the tire a quarter inch across the roller. Neither of these thing made any difference. To resolve this I needed to generate more friction between the tire and roller. I had a quick look in my tool box and there was nothing specific that would be gentle enough to not do some real damage to the tire.

I thought about it some more and remembered that in the Tube Repair Kits there is often a piece of sand paper, used to rough up the tube to making the bonding better between the patch and tube. I looked in one of the many I had and found the prefect thing.

I hand pedaled the crank so the wheel was rotating and applied the sandpaper to it, gently, to create a rough surface.

IMG_3623 IMG_3616

Nice an simple and like most simple solutions it worked! No more squeak!

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