Sunday, March 9, 2014

Knighthood Training Week 5

Another week and another 125ish miles in the bank. Nothing super special to report on this weeks’ worth of training. Mid 120’s seems to be the ball park for the 7 hours of training, I would like to get the weekly mileage up to the 150 range and hopefully now that the clocks have gone forward a day’s commute will add another 28 miles (14 miles each way) and obviously adding two commutes a week adds another 28 and that pushes me closer to the 200 mark. I am conscious of just adding junk miles to the plan but fortunately the rides to and from work both have around a 1000’ of elevation, these are the profiles from Strava.

work Off to work!

home Homeward bound!

The same as last week all five of this week’s rides were trainer based, despite the weather being perfect, albeit a bit windy on Saturday, sometimes you just have to workout in the garage. This was how the week shook out ridewise;

Monday; Off. Check!

Tuesday; Eisen. Legs felt sluggish out of the gate on this one and even though the intervals were short I struggled. 10x2-minute largely aerobic efforts at 107% FTP with 4 standing neuromuscular bursts at 150-200% FTP lasting 6 seconds each. Recoveries between intervals are just about 5 minutes long. GC data.

Wednesday; Black. Nothing to see here...except my awesome socks! More on the socks to follow 1 hour of aerobic endurance ranging from 50-80% FTP. Keep your watts more toward the middle of this wide wattage range as riding toward the top of the range will turn this into a more intense, and probably shorter, Tempo effort. GC data.

Thursday; Trojan. This was hard, three rides and three 5:30am starts catching up with me! PM dropped during interval 4? 6x10-minute intervals @ 95-99% FTP with 5-second neuromuscular bursts between 150-180% FTP. Recoveries between intervals are 3 minutes long. GC data.

Friday; Off! TGIF!

Saturday; Free ride, I chose Colloseum.. 90 minutes of aerobic endurance ranging from 50-80% FTP. GC data.

Sunday; Siliman. Felt easier than last time although that could have been due to it being on a different day. Same mileage for the ride but my IF was a fraction lower. Ave HR the same and Ave P 2w lower and TSS lower by <4. Just better rested maybe or adapting more? GC data.

I am hoping to add a bit of running this week as cross training, nothing too fancy but just to try and shed those pounds that I need to get off to get the new kit! To aid in this the good folks at Saucony sent me the Mirage 4 and Virrata 2 shoes to review and a pair of the Peregrine 4’s are on their way as well!


mirage4 Virrata peregrine4

What can I say…I like red shoes!

I also picked up Tom Danielson’s Core Advantage: Core Strength for Cycling's Winning Edge and I will be incorporating his suggested routines. Just to make it interesting the folks from VeloPress are going to send me Quick Strength for Runners 8 Weeks to a Better Runner's Body and I will be mixing and matching the exercises for the next month to see what happens. Not a bad idea long term as I shift back to Triathlon training in another 5 weeks or so to ramp up for Vineman!

I am also play with a new feature in SportTracks Mobi called Training Load…more on this to follow to! image Holy crap it’s nearly Summer…well not really but the year is flying by already, only four weeks left to the L’Etape and six weeks to my Knighthood attempt!

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