Tuesday, August 30, 2016

30 Day of Outside Summary

So 30 consecutive days of riding outside. For someone who spends a lot of time on the Trainer in the garage this was quite a challenge. Added to which work, life, family and all that good stuff that conspires to get in the way would always make this tricky! That said with the days long and warm and no structured training on the agenda it seemed a great time to give it a go!

Here are the key metrics;

  • 32 Rides
  • 860.22 miles
  • 59:00:33 hours
  • 56,444’ elevation gain

Here is the rest from Garmin Connect;


I’ll keep the summary brief and put it in bullet points;

Routes; I’ve mentioned before that the same routes got old really fast. Everywhere out from out neighborhood requires a climb and then you have to climb to get back, sounds weird right! Time limitations also bracket you into riding the same routes. Being able to throw the bike in the car and ride something new would have added variety but life is not like that. In the end it was good mental training and with the added benefit of Strava Segments on my Garmin Edge 810 I was able to test myself on the same routes.

Bike Skills; the downside of riding your trainer is that your bike skills deteriorate, at least mine do. At the start of the 30 days I was a bit rusty, by the end I was a lot more confident on the descents. While I can climb up most things and pass a lot of folks on the way coming down is always a challenge and you can’t call yourself a climber unless you can come back down!

Bike familiarity; my road bike has plenty of miles, well over 15,000 now. It’s been lovingly looked after and upgraded. Most recently the full Dura Ace 9000 groupset was added. Getting to know all the quirks and clicks of the bike provides peace of mind and lets you know the good news and the bad news! I had a seat go bad on me and it was driving me bonkers with it’s creaking, something you wouldn’t hear on a trainer with headphones on!

Tan Lines; yep these got super sharp! With that said sunscreen and lot’s of it was used, Southern California can get toasty for sure! But it’s not just about the heat, cold mornings and windy days made for some conscious thought in the wardrobe department!

Laundry; seeing as I mentioned wardrobe. I doubled my laundry! In a garage you need bibs and socks. On the road, it’s that plus jersey, base layer, gloves, skull cap, maybe a vest, maybe armwarmers! It soon adds up! Little and often is a golden rule!

So that’s that then. onwards to the next challenge!

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