Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Headsweats Contest

Headsweats fans! Don't forget to enter the August Headsweaty Selfie contest! There is actually one a month throughout the year!

  1. Take an awesome selfie in your Headsweats
  2. Post to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the #HeadsweatySelfie hashtag
  3. Be entered for a chance to win a free piece of headwear!


Ths was taken back in August 2014 after racing the Bulldog25k, and no it’s not dirt on my nose, that’s the leftover road embedded from my bike crash in January of the same year! While I haven’t done any real running since Spring of last year it’s my go to headwear item when I do run and in fact I wear their Skull Cap under my helmet whenever I ride my bike!

If you can’t wait for the contest check out their website. Currently they have some new deisgns for the Rio Olympics as well as some new patterns in their Loudmouth collection, use quadrathon25 for a 25% discount!

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