Monday, August 15, 2016

Thirty Days of Outside; Days 13 – 20

This week ended up being somewhat of an anomaly. Seven rides over seven days but three of them were what I would call easy fun rides. Basically a 30 – 45 minutes bimble on the Fixie to the local park to slaughter some Pokemon. The remaining four made up the bulk of the mileae with three of them being over 50 miles. So here’s all the details;

Monday; Pokemon hunting with Becca


Tuesday; I was working a funky schedule which meant being online through the night and so I took the afternoon off and took off on my bike. I also managed to bag the thirteenth climb for the Santa Monica Mountains Challenge, that leaves two to go. A nice ride out to the ocean and back.


Wednesday; more Pokemon hunting…they never stood a chance!

Thursday; A quickish out and back loop. Was feeling the effect of being up all night Tuesday and was feeling pretty grumpy. Went for a ride and felt better!


Friday; yup more Pokemon! Level 9 now!


Saturday; as I had a pretty easy second half of the week I rode an extended loop, just over 50 miles, for time. I had managed in the past to squeeze in under 3 hours. This time I rode it really hard for time and shaved 9 minutes off my PR. Needless to say I am happy with that!


Sunday; rode out to Oxnard with Becca, mostly windy 68 mile ride mostly flat, lots of pedaling!


Just under 14:30s on the bike and a little over 215 miles. That’s five out of the last six weeks on or very close to the 200 weekly miles. I have 10 more days of riding outside to wrap up the 30 days challenge. One observation is that while I am not sick of riding my bike I am sick of the local roads. 25-35 mile rides are not long enough to get me out into the mountains proper and as a result I am stuck riding the same routes. I am looking at Strava to see if there are any more options from heading a different direction.

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