Tuesday, August 9, 2016

SMMC Check In

With about 3 weeks to go to the close of the Santa Monica Mountains Challenge I have three climbs left to ride. Of course they are either a category 1 or 2. I am pretty confident I can knock them out in the next few weeks. I have ridden them all before and while none of them is easy I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. While none of my rides have been superfast, mostly because the Segments have been accumulated on longer rides rather than just blasting up them if I am lucky I may have some time to re-ride some of the others I have already completed in a faster time and move myself up the rankings.


Currently I am in 17/46 place with 12/15 climbs ridden. There are 8 people who have finished all 15, more than half of the 46 riders in my bracket have less than 10 climbs completed and there are 18 with 7 rides or less completed. Anyone who is planning on riding them remainder is leaving it pretty close with only three weekends on the calendar left to complete the challenge.


While I am not setting the world alight I am kinda holding my own!

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