Monday, August 8, 2016

Thirty Day of Outside; Days 6 - 12

A full week on the road and a pretty solid week in terms of mileage and time! Several rides of the vaulted Royal Loop which is actually misnamed as I ride past the Royal rather than ride along. The nomenclature has been used for the last 3 years and Becca and I know exactly what we are talking about! We have another “Lake Loop” where there is no Lake…it’s a small pond that we run by! So that said here’s the deets;

Monday; Royal Loop CW ran out of daylight and what was supposed to be a recovery ride turned into "your Mum said be home at 7:00pm for your dinner and it's 7:30pm and you've 5 miles to go!'


Tuesday; Royal Loop CCW and some fun with the speed camera!


Wednesday; I may have been Pokemon hunting?!?


Thursday; Early morning blast out to Hidden Valley and back. Cool and cloudy morning made for nice conditions but I cut it a bit fine getting home. Need to account for time stuck at traffic lights!


Friday; A zippy loop using the Royal Loop as a baseline and then adding a little kicker at the turnaround. My Garmin Vectors batteries needed changing and my power numbers were all messed up as the left hand pedal was basically offline! I changed out the battery in the evening which added another few miles for the day but not before spending several hours trying to get it to work with a duff battery!


Saturday; a big day mashing a couple of usual rides together and throwing in a SMMC hill climb for good measure! Also wore test the new Black Label DX kit from Voler. I have and reviewed the original Black Label kit a few years ago and this is the latest iteration of it, 75 miles, 4500’ of gain temperatures up to 100f put it through its paces!


Sunday; I rode out with Becca for a similar ride to Friday, I paced her up a climb to get the overall QOM and a very windy outbound leg made it harder than it should be!

So 7 days on the road for the week and 12 days in total. A solid week with just under 210 miles for the week and 13:30 hours in the saddle! It’s also a good start to the month as the month started on Monday. I still have one eye on the 10,000 miles for the year but it’s a tall order with the amount of days left on the calendar!

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