Monday, August 29, 2016

Thirty Days of Outside; Days 27 – 30 +1

The end! Jeepers this became a bit gritty at the end, more driven by the lack of variety than anything else. There are days where Becca and I feel that we live on a hill surrounded by hills. We ride up to get out of the neighborhood and we ride up to get back…some days this just sucks!

Anyway enough whining!

Monday; a quick spin on the mountain bike to pick up some Pokemon! Mostly a recovery ride


Tuesday; day ran away from me so a single speed spin to the park!


Wednesday; more of the same! I just couldn’t roll down the hill!


Thursday; flamed out with a whimper!


Friday; got my head back in the game, strapped on my big boy bibs and hit the roads for a quick after work TGIF blast!


Saturday; off

Sunday; Birthday ride, Out and back through Somis, nice outbound, got a bit toasty coming back! Bike is creaky...service time soon!


So that was that, like I said at the end it just got gritty due to lack of variety.

So all in all a pretty quiet week. But that was really the plan after a big week and that’s what lets the training soak in!

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